Liu Heren and a transformer exploded! Netizen: I just passed underneath

According to netizens, on the afternoon of October 5, an explosion occurred in Liuheren and a transformer next to the mall, causing a burst of noise, causing many merchants to be out of business this afternoon.

User comments: I am going to eat noodles with my wife and children today, park my car and go here, just after the bottom. Our family is just walking underneath. I blew two times. The first time I was a little embarrassed, I felt like a bomb, and there was a heat wave on my head. I took my child and ran to the steps of Zijing Agricultural Bank. At this time, all the noodles were eaten. Then the face and the control box on the other side caught fire, and the fire brigade arrived in less than 5 minutes. After eating the noodles, the traffic was gone, because the traffic lights were out of power. I also played 122 alarms. It didn't take long for the traffic police to come. I left. Too scary, I really thought it was a bomb! Because the grenade sounds louder than when I was in the army. . My baby was only more than 8 months old and scared to death.

Wu Yinchuan: Look at whether the transformer core is a spliced secondary piece. Normal transformers generally do not have such a problem. Only a sub-charged transformer will cause such an accident.

. : First, I called the trip for another second, and then I stopped the power after a minute of slamming.

Fei Ge: It is a high-voltage branch box, not a transformer explosion.

Yan: Living in an elegant residence, I was awakened when I was sleeping at home in the afternoon.

Source: Liuhe Eat, Drink and Play Guide

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