A transformer in Guilin suddenly exploded and several cars were burned.

'Scorpio, transformer explosion is on fire! Quick alarm and alarm!' According to the enthusiastic friends of Guilin Life Network, today (September 6th) at around 8:30 pm, a transformer in Bali Street exploded and caused fire and caused nearby vehicles. It was burned. From the videos and pictures that the users broke the news, it can be seen that with the loud noise of “砰”, a transformer on the roadside suddenly exploded, and the sparks suddenly splashed. Then the whole transformer burned up, and the rising flame and the smoke were rising. The sparks splashed on the nearby vehicles, causing the car to catch fire.

It is reported that the incident occurred at the intersection of Bali Road and Chuandong Yi Road and at the entrance of Jufuyuan Community. Many people witnessed the explosion and some people dialed 119. Soon after, the fire quickly arrived and extinguished the fire. According to the masses at the scene, the Mars that the transformer ignited will stop at the following small cars to ignite, and affected by this, the surrounding areas will be blacked out. The power supply bureau sent a text message to organize repairs, and the affected users waited patiently for the power supply to recover.

The specific cause of the accident remains to be investigated, Guilin Life Network will continue to pay attention

Source: Guilin Life Network

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