Beijing ZhongRuiHe Electrical Co., Ltd won the gold award of state grid "youth and innovation competition" in 2019

Source: Chinese enterprise net finance

Recently, the fifth youth innovation and creativity competition finals of State Grid Co., Ltd. was successfully held in Suzhou when the whole party carried out the theme education of 'Never forget the original intention and keep the mission in mind'.

In order to thoroughly study and implement Xi Jinping thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era, practice the concept of new development, and closely follow the company's development strategy for a new era, the party construction department of the State Grid and the Internet department jointly held the fifth 'Youth innovation competition'.With the theme of 'ubiquitous Internet of things, quality and efficiency improvement and integrated development', this 'youth innovation competition' gives full play to the advantages of party and youth organization and work, aims to stimulate the enthusiasm for innovation and potential of young people, and promote the construction of ubiquitous Internet of things.

The 'Youth innovation competition' sums up past experience, optimize the process, increase the intensity of reward, through youth innovation studio, guest room, creative alliance carrier and so on, encourage youth based on jobs to carry out innovative research in electric power construction of Internet of things, attracted six branch company, 27 provincial units directly under companies, 33, 600 - odd outside the enterprise, a total of more than 8500 teams, declare project up to more than 12000, effectively arouse the youth in the enthusiasm and creativity of the generic in power construction of Internet of things.

After preliminary unit selection, online review and other links, 100 internal excellent projects and 30 external excellent projects stood out from more than 8,500 participating teams and more than 12,000 projects, and were released on the stage one by one to conduct fierce competition.In the finals, the heads of relevant departments and offices of the headquarters and professors and executives from tsinghua university, Shanghai jiao tong university, huawei, alibaba and investment and financing institutions were invited as judges. The judges were composed of highly authoritative and broad judges.The on-site evaluation insists on fairness, justice, outstanding quality, pays attention to the innovation, practicability and popularization of the project, unify the evaluation standard, evaluate each project in a comprehensive, objective and realistic way, and select 40 internal project gold MEDALS and 60 silver MEDALS, 10 external project gold MEDALS and 20 silver MEDALS.

'Intelligent perception, accurate identification' -- transformer fault detection system based on transient oil pressure, with Xi 'an jiaotong university as the main creative unit, Sichuan electric power research institute of state grid and Beijing Zhongrui electrical co., LTD as the cooperative unit, won the gold award of the external project group.

Judge experts to evaluate the 'Youth innovation competition', 'high quality project, both to increase the efficiency of the power grid, strengthen the lean management, expand value-added service projects, there are also promoting grassroots burden, process optimization, are very popular with a line of the project, and to foster new industries and new forms and new mode, driving the development of industry financing projects, a generic company in electric power construction of Internet of things has the very important value.At the same time, with the 'Youth innovation competition', 'the youth insight into the key technology in electric power network demand, accelerate the update of knowledge, knowledge reserves, to learn from each other face to face through the expert guidance, field view, further widen our sight and keep positive innovation, bear as, involved extensive skills proficiently in power construction of Internet of things is to temper.

The finals will be hosted by State Grid Jiangsu electric power co. LTD.Company chief information division, director of the Internet department Sun Zhengyun, state network party construction department, equipment department, Marketing Department, science and technology department, infrastructure department, Internet department, materials department, enterprise association, trade union and other relevant departments, office comrades and more than 2,000 young makers from the company system each unit to participate in this competition.

Source: State Grid party construction department, State Grid newspaper

List of winning projects in the 5th youth innovation and creativity competition of state grid co., LTD. (external) 

No.Project NameSenior UnitCooperative UnitCreator in Chief
Jiutian Guardian-Multidimensional ubiquitous interconnected grid meteorological disaster prevention early warning service systemBeijing Jiutian Weather Image Technology Co., Ltd.China Meteorological Administration Public Weather Service CenterZhao Dong,Wang Binglan,Xiao Liyao,Wang Jie,Liu Zhun,Li Jiangnan,Guo Peng,Wanghan Xiaoxin,Wang Xue,Han Leqiong
2Ant Man Action - Smart City Underground Pipe NetworkZhejiang Shangqingyuan Power Technology Co., Ltd.State Grid Zhejiang Electric Power - Ningbo company and chenzhou companyShao Weiming,Pan Peifeng,Dai Xiaohong,Yang Zhiyi,Chen Dejun,Yu Penzhou,Yang Jihui,Yang Gang,Zhang Yayu,Wang Zhigang
3Sharing Towers - Building a New Model for 5G Infrastructure Sharing Innovation DevelopmentZTE Corporation

State Grid Nanjing Power Supply Company

China Tower Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Branch

Zhang Ludi,Shao Mingchi,Peng Chong,Tang Xiaolan,Sha Yitian,Zhang Bing,Jiang Yiming,Hu Xuewei,Qian Xin,Wang Lei
4End-point Intelligence link, Goggles Inspection--Substation IoT Inspection Based on Brain-like IntelligenceNational Engineering Laboratory for Brain-like Intelligence Technology and Applications

State Grid Anhui Power - Fuyang Company

State Grid

Shanghai Jingding Power Technology Co., Ltd.

Cheng Dongliang,Li Shaofeng,Ji Kun,Guo Bixiang,Zhen Chao,Ke Yanguo,Wu Hao,Wei Cunjin,Xu Zhonghui,Zhao Feng
5SF Power Smart Platform - Power Smart Logistics Eco-chain SystemHebei SF Express Co., Ltd.State Grid Hebei Electric Power Material Co., Ltd.

State Grid Hebei Power - Xingtai Company

Li Fuchang,Bao Yongqing,Zhao Jun,Li Jinbao,Zhang Jingchang,Cui Lichong,Li Kefeng,Zhu Huayu,Wang Qi,Wang Si
6Digital Hygiene - Smart Warehousing and Control Platform Based on Remote Sensing and AIOT TechnologyNanjing Herui Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd.

State Grid Jiangsu Power - Nanjing Company

Southeast University School of Automation

Zhou Yue,Chen Jian,Liang Yan ,Zhou Hao,Huang Birong,Sun Xin,Xu Ningting,Hong Lu,Wang Xiangyu,Liu Yuanyuan
7Pioneering Smart Charging Blue Ocean - Internet + Electric Vehicle Charging Time Sharing Community Service PlatformTsinghua UniversityState Grid Jiangsu Electric Power Co., Ltd. Nantong Power Supply BranchZhao Dongyuan,Peng Tao,Wang Dong,Hu Nan,Zheng Tongmu,Lan Yueqian,Zi Zhenning,Jiang Jixiang,Han Xuejiao,Shi Min
8'Smart Sensing, Accurate Recognition' - Transformer Fault Sensing System Based on Instant Oil PressureXi'an Jiaotong University

State Grid Sichuan Electric Power Company Electric Power Research Institute

Beijing ZhongRuiHe Electrical Co., Ltd

Yan Chenguang,Li Shilong,Teng Yufei,Wu Jie,Wei Yang,Li Xiaopeng,Luo Rongsen,Duan Xiangxi,Sun Yongchao,Long Cheng
9Safety guards for energy storage power stations - Lithium-ion batteries based on battery multi-dimensional state sensing and PACK-level safety warnings can only manage systemsInstitute of Advanced Technology, University of Science and Technology of ChinaNanrui Group-Nanrui ResearchJi Yongchao,Wang Zhi,Li Xin,Liu Gang,Yu Lianghui,He Zhenyu,Cao Yang,Zeng Yuzhu,Ji Tongjun,Duan Qiangling
10Data Health Officer - Health Steward for Data GovernanceHefei Hengzhuo Technology Co., Ltd.State Grid Anhui Power-Information Communication BranchJiang Zhigang,Wang Xudong,Hu Cong,Lei Ting,Xue Xiaoru,Chen Chao,Zhang Jingxin,Sun Zhili,Wang Mengjiao,Zhang Jing

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