Company Profile

Beijing ZhongRuiHe Electrical Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009, located in Niulanshan Industrial Park, near to Beijing International Airport.

Since the establishment, we are always focused on the research and development of transformer Explosion & fire prevention technologies.

Transformer Explosion-proof and Fire Protection Equipment(TEFPE) is one of the best solution, which has been used and accepted by Chinese and many other country's customers coming from many parts of the word: South-East Asia: Indonesia PLN/ Philippines NGCP/ Thailand; Africa Ghana/Kenya; South America Ecuador/ Honduras/Mexico /Brazil; central Asia Belarus etc.

We also developed other series new products, such as Buchholz Relay fault recorder, which can be used to record oil flow speed in the pipe between oil conservator and main tank at that moment when electrical fault occurring.

For the insulation monitoring of high-voltage motors, we could offer an effective solution, ZJC series High-voltage Insulation Online Monitoring System. This new technology makes the remote measurement of high-voltage insulation resistances, leakage current, absorptance, polarization index come into reality;

We hold on the “first-class management & first quality” enterprise logos, fully adopted the following certificates:

ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, 3C; KEMA (DEKRA); UL; CE.

Development History

In 2018

Established Overseas Business Department

Successfully conducted a large-scale Testing of Transformer Internal arc fault

Attended the International Electrical Exhibition ----CEPSI 2018 KUALA LUMPUR MALAYSIA

Develop a new product ------Digital Transformer Buchholz Relay

Studied on transformer digital pressure relief valve;

New Technology Research ----Monitoring and fault study of multiple time and space parameters of transformer

Development of new technology for transformer explosion and fire prevention.


In 2017

Cooperate with Xi 'an Jiaotong University to deeply study the internal arc fault of transformer

Got a lot of orders from state grid of Indonesia.

Products were successfully sold to South America, Africa and Russian-speaking region.


In 2016

Got UL certificate and KEMA-DEKRA Testing Report.

Successfully entered the national grid of Indonesia(PLN);

Expanded markets in the Philippines, central Asia, South Asia, etc., and entertained multi-batch international customers visiting.


In 2015

TEFPE series products obtained China Patents.

Received the technical investigation of the transformer experts from Alstom (Asia-pacific ), made the technical communication with the state grid of Indonesia, and was recognized by them.。

Obtained ISO 14001 environmental quality management system certification;

Obtained ISO 18001 occupational health management system certification。


In 2014,

Expanded its scale and moved into the Niulanshan Industrial Zone in Shunyi District,

Successfully developed TEFPE product and sold to the market of Philippines.


In 2013

This year, the explosion-proof technology of oil-immersed transformer was developed.

In order to strengthen technology research and development, production management and quality management, we have introduced the UKAS series of ISO 90001 quality management system.


In 2012

As the development needs, we moved to Shunyi District from ChaoYang District and becomes a company which combined with Research&Development, production,and sales; Passed the type testing of China National Center for Quality Supervision and Test of Fire-fighting Systems and Fire-resisting Building Components.

2009年成立-2011年 公司成立

From 2009 to 2011,Company established at ChaoYang District

At the beginning, our main business were focused on sales and agency, together with some technology research&development.

Company Culture

We adhere to fist-class of management and quality as our concepts,

In the business of serving electric power, we will keep the advantages of technology, quality and management, in the spirit of preciseness, honesty and innovation, make our due contribution to the safety of electricity.


Qualification Honor
software copyright of ZRH type online monitoring system
software copyright of ZRH type online monitoring system
Patent of ZRH type online 
Patent of ZRH type online 
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